Research Areas


Al-Mīthāq (Research Journal of Islamic Theology), is a tri-lingual (Urdu, English and Arabic), Double-Blind peer-reviewed, open access a biannual Research Journal, is published by Hira Institute of Social Sciences Research & Development.

It is an Open Access Bi-annual Peer Reviewed Print and Online Journal, which has become a Multidisciplinary Academic Journal with an International Advisory Board representing various research fields. 

Broader Research Areas

(i) Quranic exegesis (Tafsir)

(ii) Hadith (Ulum al-Hadith)

(iii) Biography of the Prophet (Sira-tun-Nabiﷺ )

(iv) Islamic theology

(v) Islamic law and jurisprudence

(vi) Purification of Self and Islamic ethics

Other Areas

(i) Islam and Philosophy

(ii) Islam and Spirituality

(iii) Islam and Sciences

(iv) Islam and Economics / Finance

(v) Islam and Social Sciences (Psychology, Health, Education, Languages, Arts, Law and History).

(vi) Islam and Environmental Issues

(vii) Islam and Gender Science

(viii) Islam and Human Rights